The Head Office in Volpiano (TO) occupies a total surface of 5,000 square metres sub-divided into:

  • 2,000 square metres warehouse stocking materials for hand and cutting tools, and technical products.

  • 500 square metres of office space, for purchasing and sales, administration, EDP, exhibitions and meeting rooms.

The year in which the company was created, from the original family business developed over generations, which with the boom of the 60s became the actual “Nebbia s.a.s.” Constant growth in a market attentive to quality: 45 years of history looking towards the future. The expansion in the 80s and 90s was not only quantitative but, above all, qualitative: through entry into new markets for precision metal working tools and the setting up of joint ventures, we have been able to transform the company from a Service Company to a Qualified Import-Distribution Company, ready to efficiently face the new challenges dictated by the “Globalisation” of the 2000s. “Produce well to sell better” is our basic rule. And “sell better” signifies giving constant attention to the Client with a concrete and efficient attitude to problem solving.

- irreplaceable partner for retailers.
- universal reference point for the user.
This is the spirit of the sales network, which, through timely updating, is always in a position to give utmost satisfaction to the client.

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